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FREE Bottle of Marini Luminate Eye Gel

Jan Marini’s Luminate Eye Gel brightens skin and reduces the appearance of under eye circles, crepey skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

Experience brighter, more radiant and luminous looking skin with Marini Luminate Eye Gel. Specifically designed for the delicate eye area, Marini Luminate Eye Gel reduces the appearance of under eye circles, crepey skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

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Jan Marini Skin Research Launches Marini CelluliTx

Our Skin Care products supplier Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. is a leading provider of professional skin care and aesthetic solutions. This week they’ve announced the launch of a new breakthrough and patent-pending formulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite– Marini CelluliTx which we’re excited to make available for pre-sale immediately.

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New FemTouch Patient Testimonial

If you have a problem with leakage while trying to walk for exercise, enjoy normal daily routine, vacationing, etc. then you will want to hear about my experience with Fem-touch.  While working in my office a lady I knew came in and was talking while I was working.  I heard her but was really not listening until she said something that caught my attention and made me stop and say, “ wait a minute, what are you talking about?”. As she began explaining a procedure she had,  I realized that I had the same problem and had had it for some time.

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What are the benefits and options of a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a fairly simple out-patient procedure in which an acid solution is used to remove damaged or dead upper skin layers in an effort to smooth and refine your skin’s texture and appearance. When performed by the skilled professionals at RightCare Wellness and Aesthetics, a chemical peel can safely reduce wrinkles and correct inconsistencies in your skin tone. A qualified medical expert will take the time to discuss whether your goals and expectations for the procedure are realistic and we will also discuss with you all chemical peel benefits and risks.

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What’s the difference between Xeomin, Botox, and Dysport?

The main difference between Xeomin and Botox or Dysport, is that Xeomin contains just one ingredient: botulinum toxin A. Xeomin is a “naked injectable,” meaning that it does not contain any additives. A benefit of a pure-form injectable is that the human body is less likely to become resistant to it. Some patients have developed antibodies to Botox and Dysport. 

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Grand Opening

Our new laser equipment is being delivered this week and we will begin accepting patient appointments in the middle of September. We’re excited to share our completely new line of wellness and aesthetics services with the Gallatin community!

Our new blog!

Welcome to our new blog for the RightCare Wellness & Aesthetics Clinic. We will be using the blog to provide you with informative articles about beauty, health, and wellness. We will also use it as a platform to share upcoming events and current specials on products and services.

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