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Get Free Consultations and Skin Treatments in our AFTER-HOURS Event!

Get Free Consultations and Skin Treatments in our AFTER-HOURS Event!

If you are closely following us, you should be well aware of our latest offerings and promos.  We only offer the best skin and wellness treatments available in the market. The fact is, in our upcoming event, you can get some of our popular treatments for FREE.  And, they come along with free consultations too.  All you need is to participate in our AFTER-HOURS Event.

Here are the free treatments that you’ll be eligible to win when you join us.

A 1-hour massage

Nothing can come anywhere close to a good massage which relaxes your skin and body. Despite several modern technological inventions and medicines, a massage is still the best way to relax.  It can also help make your skin look younger.

An Oxygeneo Facial

Oxygeneo facial therapy is perfect for those who are suffering from skin issues caused by aging. It’s a patented and clinically proven treatment which rejuvenates your skin and helps you get a youthful skin glow.

A FemTouch Treatment

A FemTouch Treatment is ideal for women who want to take care of their nether region. It’s been designed to deal with vaginal atrophy which is a fairly common situation among post-menopausal women. FemTouch restores the vaginal physiology to a pre-menopausal stage using a fractional CO2 laser which helps in the ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining.

An IPL Laser Treatment

This is your chance to get an IPL or Intense Pulse Light Laser treatment for free. An IPL treatment can be used for hair removal, skin pigmentation, sun damage, and acne. It is trusted by millions of patients across the world and is one of the best ways to deal with acne and unwanted hairs.

A ResurFx Treatment

ResurFx is a revolutionary technology which uses a fiber laser with an innovative scanner for non-ablative skin resurfacing. You can treat your fine lines & wrinkles, lax skin, age spots, pigmentation issues, acne scars, surgical scars, and textural irregularities with ResurFx as it’s a recommended treatment for most of these conditions.

Free Consultation

You can also get a free consultation from our specialists. They will discuss your problem and will guide you in determining or choosing the appropriate treatment that can fix your current skin dilemma.

How to Get My Change To Win These for Free?

It’s a rare opportunity to see for yourself how the treatments listed above work first hand. We’re giving you an opportunity to get them for free by following a few simple steps.

You can be entered to win these treatments by participating in our upcoming AFTER HOURS EVENT. All you need to do is to register to our event which will be held on 8th November from 4 pm until 7 pm.

You can also register by sending us an email to or via our contact page.

Free Consultations and Skin Treatments, Free Consultations and Skin Treatments After Hours Event

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