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Jan Marini Cellulitx Special

Jan Marini Skin Research Launches Marini CelluliTx

Our Skin Care products supplier Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. is a leading provider of professional skin care and aesthetic solutions. This week they’ve announced the launch of a new breakthrough and patent-pending formulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite– Marini CelluliTx which we’re excited to make available for pre-sale immediately.

There are eleven key ingredients in CelluliTx synergistically which combine to dramatically target the appearance of cellulite. When used alone, or as part of a comprehensive protocol, this new product is sure to be a game-changer for clients at RightCare Wellness & Aesthetics.

Cellulite affects nearly 90% percent of adult women making it one of the most prevalent concerns related to cosmetic skin conditions. Until now, cellulite reduction has been a virtually untapped market in the professional skin care space with the only solutions being in-office procedures that cost patients many thousands of dollars. CelluliTx is the perfect homecare solution for everyone concerned with the appearance of cellulite.

Jan Marini, Founder of Jan Marini Skin Research states, “CelluliTx contains 11 key ingredients to dynamically target the appearance of cellulite. Finding this synergistic combination has been an elusive challenge yet we have been determined to ultimately innovate in this category. After many years as a key R&D project, I have great confidence that CelluliTx will be a game changer for both our resellers and the end consumer.”

On Friday June 22nd, RightCare Wellness & Aesthetics will be hosting a Skin Care Education & Demonstration event in collaboration with Jan Marini Skin Care. We’ll be introducing our CelluliTx cream and offering an AMAZING DEAL on pre-orders. Come join us for an evening of information, demonstrations by experts, free refreshments, and product giveaways!



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